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Created May 3, 2015 19:39
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feanjgfe;ntgpjneawiuy7jfopeAJF)(ew8790790u9-u-i0 hadnas aufja0-fujsdo iaspmsa

#To be a person with a horrible hand-spasm problem

(mnklgasdmkl;agshmk;dg-f-=P-=)zg c(0wn90IF90 :) )


Hard, hard,f jkl

Ifgbasnkld I cannot beabnl

‘gasdfm too much fkasdjp’m pain

please mngjklwa hfie;wakfl;ewa help

I need prfodnknk;sional helplhga


mahayaa nds’fmdakl


theahyarea fvhuv ahufnul;129u54

Sometimes, the spasms go away.

I think it’s gondlksma nvljdkm; afl; ngmkjd kl;

pl0easde aat call a cbndaso;doctor

attya fa f,eA”GHpPHLpealslp


tyheklr afa tadsayb

sayfmkl;da ‘




fndialj spirits nasdnjanlja cut ahdnsa hand fnhaskl;fa off

ddsaN AGjkl I MEANT njlda gjkla nfg rjkla gI RITE!

no samod more asdfisogha fioafakl meds(

just scladvffdf dqmkl;f kill feanjklf nthe sprits

not dasnjfklag dat cfanf won

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