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Facebook Hack Dictionary
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a person, as an artist or writer, who exploits, for money, his or her creative ability or training in the production of dull, unimaginative, and trite work; one who produces banal and mediocre work in the hope of gaining commercial success in the arts: As a painter, he was little more than a hack. (Agriculture) to place (fodder) in a hack5. Weird Plurals One goose, two geese. markets, then rank the ideas by feasibility. A taxicab.b. 'Complaisant' Both can be polite; one is unconcerned. The gardener used a large pair of shears to hack the dead twigs away.2. to cut or chop something out of something. It really hacks me when you drum your fingers like that. A horse used for riding or driving; a hackney.2. A rough, irregular cut made by hacking.2. To gain access to (a computer file or network) illegally or without authorization: hacked the firm's personnel database.5. Origin Expand First recorded in 1680-90; short for hackney hack3 [hak] /hk/ Spell Syllables noun 1. to reduce or cut ruthlessly; trim: to hack a budget severely. Most security breaches are insider jobs, not hacks. Thesaurus. a reporter. To work for hire as a writer.3. British. .. CPD hack reporter N → reportero/a m/f de poca montahack writer N = hack 2 A2hack [ˈhk] vt (= cut, chop) [+ bushes, undergrowth] → tailler dans; [+ wood] → couperto hack at sth, to hack away at sth → tailler dans qchto hack a path through the jungle → se tailler un chemin travers la jungleto hack sb to death (with an axe) → massacrer qn coups de hacheto hack sb to death with a machete → tuer qn coups de machetteto hack sb/sth to pieces → tailler qn/qch en pices, mettre qn/qch en pices to hack itHe can't hack it → Il est largu. 18. (Automotive Engineering) informal a. a taxi. 2 : to clear or make by or as if by cutting away vegetation hacked his way through the brush 3 a informal : to manage successfully just couldn't hack the new job b informal : tolerate I can't hack all this noise 4 : to gain illegal access to (a computer network, system, etc.) In the last decade they have hacked computer networks in Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, and Bulgariaoften stealing data.—The New York Times perhaps I would have become one of those lost souls wandering the basement of MIT playing with computers and hacking the telephone network. Falconry. 3. It just isnt working out. — aaron mak, Slate Magazine, "All the Things Uber Is Doing to Try to Prove It's Now Less Awful," 12 Dec. 2. (Building) to place (bricks) in a hack[C16: variant of hatch2]hack1 (hk) v.t. to cope successfully with something 5a02188284
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