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Created February 20, 2016 23:01
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# coding: utf-8
import keychain
import console
from urllib import quote, unquote
keychain.set_password('MovieDB', 'API', console.input_alert('Insert your MovieDB API key', '', keychain.get_password('MovieDB', 'API')))
keychain.set_password('Airtable', 'API', console.input_alert('Insert your Airtable API key', '', keychain.get_password('Airtable', 'API')))
keychain.set_password('Airtable', 'Movie Diary', console.input_alert('Insert your Airtable database ID', '', keychain.get_password('Airtable', 'Movie Diary')))
keychain.set_password('Airtable', 'Movie Diary Table', quote(console.input_alert('Insert the name of your Airtable table', '', unquote(keychain.get_password('Airtable', 'Movie Diary Table')))))
console.hud_alert('Updated configuration.')
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