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Created Aug 5, 2015
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## Display markers that have the id "link"
def linkFilter(poi):
if poi['id'] == 'link':
# If the marker has a name and a description, use both
return (poi['name'], poi['description'])
except KeyError:
# Otherwise just use the name
return poi['name'] + '\n'
worlds["EDMap"] = "C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\EDMap"
renders["normalrender"] = {
"world": "EDMap",
"title": "EDMap",
"rendermode": "lighting",
'name':'Quest: Check Out Overviewer!',
'description': '<a href="" target="_blank">Overviewer is awesome!</a>'
'name':'Quest 3:',
'description': '<a href="" target="_blank">Overviewer is awesome!</a>'
'description': '<a href="" target="_blank">Teched Up Teacher!</a>'
'name':'Quest 2',
'description': '<p>Quest 2: Oiled Pig!<br> <img src="" alt="Smiley face" align="middle" height="100" width="100"> <br> This is where the quest details and link will go!</p>',
'markers': [dict(name="Quests", filterFunction=linkFilter)],
outputdir = "C:/Users/chris/Desktop/mcmap"
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