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Created Jun 4, 2014
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digraph G {
/* Ruby I */
subgraph cluster_0 {
label = "Ruby I";
"Data Types" [style=filled];
"Return Values & Side Effects" [style=filled];
"Methods & Arguments" [style=filled];
"Loops & Conditions" [style=filled];
"Strings" [style=filled];
"Arrays" [style=filled];
"Enumeration" [style=filled];
"Symbols" [style=filled];
"Hashes" [style=filled];
"Testing (RSpec)" [style=filled];
"Variable Scope";
"Gems" [style=filled];
"Gemfile + Bundler" [style=filled];
"Ruby I Project" [shape=box; style=filled];
"Loops & Conditions" -> "Enumeration";
"Data Types" -> "Arrays";
"Data Types" -> "Symbols";
"Arrays" -> "Hashes";
"Arrays" -> "Enumeration";
"Symbols" -> "Hashes";
"Ruby I Project";
"Return Values & Side Effects" -> "Methods & Arguments";
"Data Types" -> "Methods & Arguments";
"Methods & Arguments" -> "Variable Scope";
"Testing (RSpec)";
/* "Enumeration" -> "Encryptor"; */
/* "Hashes" -> "Encryptor"; */
"Enumeration" -> "Ruby I Project";
"Methods & Arguments" -> "Ruby I Project";
"Data Types" -> "Strings";
/* Ruby II */
subgraph cluster_4 {
label = "Ruby II"
"Object Attributes";
"Object Methods";
"Time In Ruby";
"Object Inheritance";
"Blocks, Procs and Lambdas";
"Ruby II Project" [shape=box];
"Ruby I Project" -> "Classes & Objects";
"Classes & Objects" -> "Object Attributes";
"Classes & Objects" -> "Object Methods";
"Object Methods" -> "Object Inheritance";
"Object Attributes" -> "Object Inheritance";
"Object Inheritance" -> "Ruby II Project";
/* Databases */
subgraph cluster_1 {
label = "Databases"
"Architecting a DB Schema";
"SQL Joins & Primary Keys";
"ActiveRecord CRUD";
"ActiveRecord 1:many";
"ActiveRecord many:many";
"ActiveRecord many:many through";
"SQL Indexes and Foreign Keys";
"ActiveRecord Project" [shape=box];
"CSV Import/Export" [style=dotted];
"Ruby II Project" -> "ActiveRecord CRUD";
"SQL" -> "ActiveRecord CRUD";
"SQL" -> "Architecting a DB Schema";
"Architecting a DB Schema" -> "SQL Joins & Primary Keys";
"SQL Joins & Primary Keys" -> "SQL Indexes and Foreign Keys";
"ActiveRecord CRUD" -> "ActiveRecord 1:many";
"ActiveRecord 1:many" -> "ActiveRecord many:many";
"ActiveRecord many:many" -> "ActiveRecord many:many through";
"ActiveRecord many:many through" -> "ActiveRecord Project";
/* HTML & CSS */
subgraph cluster_2 {
label = "HTML & CSS";
"DOM" [style=filled];
"Classes & IDs" [style=filled];
"Importing CSS and JS files" [style=filled];
"HTML Tags" [style=filled];
"CSS Selectors" [style=filled];
"CSS Styles" [style=filled];
"The Box Model" [style=filled];
"Positioning & Layout";
"CSS Animations";
"Good Design" [style=filled];
"Responsive Design Patterns";
"Twitter Bootstrap (Frameworks)";
"HTML & CSS Project" [shape=box];
"Importing CSS and JS files";
"Classes & IDs" -> "CSS Selectors";
"HTML Tags" -> "CSS Styles";
"HTML Tags" -> "DOM";
"HTML Tags" -> "Classes & IDs";
"CSS Selectors" -> "The Box Model";
"CSS Styles" -> "The Box Model";
"The Box Model" -> "Positioning & Layout";
"CSS Selectors" -> "Pseudoselectors";
"Pseudoselectors" -> "CSS Animations";
"CSS Animations" -> "HTML & CSS Project";
"Positioning & Layout" -> "Responsive Design Patterns";
"Good Design" -> "Twitter Bootstrap (Frameworks)";
"Responsive Design Patterns" -> "Twitter Bootstrap (Frameworks)";
"DOM" -> "The Box Model";
/* The Web */
subgraph cluster_3 {
label = "The Web"
"Languages" [style=filled];
"Frameworks" [style=filled];
"Parameters vs Session/Cookies";
"Ruby I Project";
"How Does The Internet Work?";
/* "Ruby I Project" -> "ERB"; */
"Sinatra Project" [shape=box];
"HTML Forms";
"How Does The Internet Work?" -> "HTTP";
/* "HTML Tags" -> "HTML Forms"; */
"HTTP" -> "Sinatra Basics";
"HTTP" -> "HTML Forms";
"Sinatra Basics" -> "Sinatra Project";
"HTML Tags" -> "ERB";
"ERB" -> "Sinatra Project";
"HTML Forms" -> "Sinatra Project";
/* "HTML & CSS Project" -> "Sinatra Project"; */
"REST" -> "Sinatra Project";
"Parameters vs Session/Cookies" -> "REST";
/* "Sinatra Project" -> "Deploy Sinatra App to Heroku"; */
"Markdown" -> "Sinatra Project";
/* Rails I */
subgraph cluster_7 {
label = "Rails I"
"MVC Architecture";
"Routing Parameters in Rails";
"Rails Controllers & Routing";
"Rails Views and Layouts";
"Rails Models";
"Rails View and Form Helpers";
/* "ActiveRecord Relationships in Rails"; */
"Rake Tasks";
"Rails Model Validation";
"Simple Rails Project" [shape=box];
/*"Sinatra Project" -> "Rails Project I";
"ActiveRecord Project" -> "Rails Project I";
"HTML & CSS Project" -> "Rails Project I"; */
"Rake Tasks" -> "Rails Models";
"Rails Models" -> "Rails Model Validation";
"Sinatra Project" -> "MVC Architecture";
"MVC Architecture" -> "Rails Models";
"MVC Architecture" -> "Rails Controllers & Routing";
"MVC Architecture" -> "Rails Views and Layouts";
"ActiveRecord Project" -> "Rails Models";
"Rails Controllers & Routing" -> "Routing Parameters in Rails";
"Rails Controllers & Routing" -> "Custom Controller Actions";
"ERB" -> "Rails Views and Layouts";
"Rails Views and Layouts" -> "Rails View and Form Helpers";
"Rails Model Validation" -> "Simple Rails Project";
"Routing Parameters in Rails" -> "Simple Rails Project";
"Rails View and Form Helpers" -> "Simple Rails Project";
"Custom Controller Actions" -> "Simple Rails Project";
"User Authentication";
"Asset Pipeline";
/*"Simple Rails Project" -> "Deploy Rails App to Heroku";*/
/* Rails II */
subgraph cluster_8 {
label = "Rails II"
"Rails Project II" [shape=box];
"Simple Rails Project" -> "Rails Project II";
/* Javascript I */
subgraph cluster_9 {
label = "Javascript I"
"History of Javascript (JS)";
"JS Syntax & Data Types";
"JS Conditions & Loops";
"JS Functions";
"JS Variable Scope + 'this'";
"JS Objects and 'this'";
"JS Timers" [style=dotted];
"JS Anonymous Functions";
"JS Partially Applied Functions";
"JS Prototypal Inheritance";
"JS Closures";
"JS Project I" [shape=box];
"History of Javascript (JS)" -> "JS Syntax & Data Types";
"History of Javascript (JS)" -> "JS Functions";
"History of Javascript (JS)" -> "JS Conditions & Loops";
"JS Functions" -> "JS Variable Scope + 'this'";
"JS Variable Scope + 'this'" -> "JS Objects and 'this'";
"JS Functions" -> "JS Anonymous Functions";
"JS Anonymous Functions" -> "JS Partially Applied Functions";
"JS Functions" -> "JS Closures";
"JS Functions" -> "JS Prototypal Inheritance";
"JS Prototypal Inheritance" -> "JS Project I";
"JS Closures" -> "JS Project I";
"JS Partially Applied Functions" -> "JS Project I";
"JS Objects and 'this'" -> "JS Project I";
"JS Project I" -> "Rails Project II";
/*"Ruby II Project" -> "History of Javascript (JS)";*/
"Simple Rails Project" -> "History of Javascript (JS)";
/* Command Line Interface */
subgraph cluster_5 {
label = "Command Line Interface";
"CLI Scavenger Hunt" [shape=box; style=filled];
"Learn CLI The Hard Way" [shape=box; style=filled];
/* Git & Github */
subgraph cluster_6 {
label = "Git & Github";
"Git Immersion" [shape=box; style=filled];
"Git Branching Tutorial" [shape=box; style=filled];
"Deploy Github Personal Page" [shape=box; style=filled];
"Deploy Sinatra App to Heroku" [shape=box];
"Deploy Rails App to Heroku" [shape=box];
"Merging Group Assignment" [shape=box];
"Git Immersion" -> "Git Branching Tutorial";
"Git Immersion" -> "Deploy Github Personal Page";
"Deploy Github Personal Page" -> "Deploy Sinatra App to Heroku";
"Deploy Sinatra App to Heroku" -> "Deploy Rails App to Heroku";
"Git Branching Tutorial" -> "Merging Group Assignment";

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@caseywatts caseywatts commented Jun 4, 2014

whoops meant to upload this to my own

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