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Created Jan 26, 2018
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final class ComplexNumber {
private float realPart;
private float complexPart;
// create a new instance via static method
public static ComplexNumber zero() {
return new ComplexNumber(0, 0);
// create a new instance via constructor
public ComplexNumber(float realPart, float complexPart) {
this.realPart = realPart;
this.complexPart = complexPart;
// create a new ComplexNumber by addition
public ComplexNumber add(ComplexNumber anotherComplexNumber) {
return new ComplexNumber(
realPart + anotherComplexNumber.realPart,
complexPart + anotherComplexNumber.complexPart
// extract internal data and convert to String
public String toString() {
return String.format("%f + %f i", realPart, complexPart);
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