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Created June 22, 2015 14:57
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Plot Regression Line
def plot_regression_line(regression_analyses):
This global method is a front-end to the MatplotLib library which receives a set of regression analyses and plots
each one of them onto the canvas.
title = ""
fig, ax = plot.subplots()
# Plot each regression analysis in the set
for regression_i in regression_analyses:
ax.plot(regression_i.dates, regression_i.prices, regression_i.color, label="Values " + regression_i.data_set)
ax.plot(regression_i.dates, regression_i.regression.fittedvalues, regression_i.color + '--',
label="Regression line " + regression_i.data_set)
if regression_i.lower is not None:
ax.plot(regression_i.dates, regression_i.lower, regression_i.color + '--')
if regression_i.upper is not None:
ax.plot(regression_i.dates, regression_i.upper, regression_i.color + '--')
plot.ylabel('Normalized Values')
title += regression_i.data_set + ", "
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