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anotherlab/131205-prebuid Secret

Created Dec 5, 2013
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rd /s /q $(ProjectDir)files
robocopy $(ProjectDir)..\AdminConsole\bin\$(ConfigurationName) $(ProjectDir)files\adminconsole *.* /s /XF *.pdb *vshost* *.xml
robocopy $(ProjectDir)..\webapi $(ProjectDir)\files *.* /s /XF *.pdb *vshost* *.xml *.cs *.user *.vspscc web.debug.config web.release.config *.layout *.csproj /XD obj properties
"$(SolutionDir)ctt.exe" s:$(ProjectDir)..\webapi\web.config t:$(ProjectDir)..\webapi\web.release.config d:$(ProjectDir)files\web.config pw v
"$(WIX)bin\heat" dir $(ProjectDir)files -cg AdminFilesGroup -gg -scom -sfrag -srd -dr INSTALLLOCATION -out $(ProjectDir)adminfiles.wxs -var var.AdminSource
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