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C code to play the opening notes of "The Final Countdown" on an Elatec TWN4 RFID reader
void FinalCountDown(void)
int v = 100;
int duration = 125;
Beep(v, CS5, duration, 10);
Beep(v, B4, duration, 10);
Beep(v, CS5, duration*4, 10);
Beep(v, FS3, duration*5, duration*5);
Beep(v, D5, duration, 10);
Beep(v, CS5, duration, 10);
Beep(v, D5, duration*2, 10);
Beep(v, CS5, duration*2, 10);
Beep(v, B4, duration*3, 10);
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