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Since I began this group, the scope of what it means to be a front-end developer has dramatically changed. There are so many more tools in our arsenal and there is equally as much confusion.

Adding to this confusion is the growing number of front-end frameworks that have the goal in mind to make our lives easier, but fail in their delivery.

Throwing technology and frameworks at the problems are not solving any of them. What's missing from the solutions are the discussion and community involvement needed to come to conclusions that address the problems that front-end developers deal with on a daily basis.

Truth is, discussions and involvement are hard. Reaching for some off-the-shelf software that solves all your issues is easy. Thus the rise of Bootstrap. The design API for front-end development. For those who don't know, they LOVE IT. For those who do know, this is the worst tool possible.

Zurb's Foundation and Bourbon's Bitters are good starts, but not everyone solves problems these ways. We need solutions that are not driven by API, but by leadership in the community.

So, come be a part of that discussion and community.

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