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Aparently you can't keep a good guy down. At the behest of the public, Jed Foster, the man behind and came up with a new feature that really brisges these two apps together. The new <sassmeister> tag gives users the ability to directly embed a SassMeister gist right into the blog post.

And this is not limited to only your gists. Let's say, for example, that you come across this amazing new Gist that some briliant developer came up with and you really want to talk about it. Let's take the @function color-diff Gist built by HugoGiraudel. Simply put <sassmeister>8668994</sassmeister> in your markdown file and BOOM!


And there you go., one of the easiest blogging platforms on the plannet. Add a .md. gist to your Github account and you are pubslishing. Pretty cool!

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