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Last active Aug 19, 2018
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Blogger/Blogspot dynamic CSS classes
<!-- -->
<!-- padding/margin kelipatan 2 dan 5 (0 sampai 100)-->
<b:loop index='i' values='0 to 100' var='n'>
<b:if cond='data:n%5 == 0 OR data:n%2 == 0'>
.pd-<data:n/>{padding:<data:n/>px !important;}
.pd-t-<data:n/>{padding-top:<data:n/>px !important;}
.pd-b-<data:n/> {padding-bottom:<data:n/>px !important;}
.pd-l-<data:n/>{padding-left:<data:n/>px !important;}
.pd-r-<data:n/>{padding-right:<data:n/>px !important;}
.mg-<data:n/>{margin:<data:n/>px !important;}
.mg-t-<data:n/>{margin-top:<data:n/>px !important;}
.mg-b-<data:n/> {margin-bottom:<data:n/>px !important;}
.mg-l-<data:n/>{margin-left:<data:n/>px !important;}
.mg-r-<data:n/>{margin-right:<data:n/>px !important;}
<!-- width/height kelipatan 5 (1% sampai 100%) -->
<b:loop index='i' values='1 to 100' var='n'>
<b:if cond='data:n%5 == 0'>
.w-<data:n/>p {width:<data:n/>%;}.h-<data:n/>p {height:<data:n/>%;}
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