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anselm / gist:e14e3a9fecf6c1508889be8663de2d14
Last active October 30, 2023 18:52
Javascript example of using OpenAI to do natural language queries on an ethereum dataset in postgresql populated by moralis
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I wanted to comment briefly on this LLM/SQL binding because (thinking about it) there are some deep ramifications for other projects. Basically - it's hugely empowering to think of LLMs as a bridge between natural language and DSLs (domain specific grammars).
As we know, everybody is talking about an "AI revolution" but it isn't always clear precisely or exactly how AI benefits organizations. We all appreciate that it can summarize, or write copy or so on, but that is more evolutionary rather than transformational.
What I now appreciate better (in toying around with this example code below) is that we as programmers have already built armatures for manipulating the world. And all we need are bridges to them. And that by itself is fairly transformational for human labor.
We've invented a ton of specialized, formal, actionable grammars that can translate what is effectively prose into actual physical actions. SQL is one example of a formal actionable grammar, but so is gcode (for driving 3d printers), an
anselm / AgoraActorHelper.cpp
Created July 11, 2022 23:06
Agora + Unreal 5.02 support example
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Example Agora bindings to Unreal 5.02 using materials rather than UImage.
1) AgoraActorHelper should be compiled into your project.
2) Make a material and add it to your project anywhere. Click on that material to bring up the material wire editor. Add a texture parameter called "mytexture".
3) Make a blueprint that is a subclass of AgoraActorHelper. Instance this blueprint into a test level.
4) In that blueprint view make a cube.
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const fs = require("fs")
var pdf_table_extractor = require("pdf-table-extractor");
var fetch = require( 'node-fetch' );
var excel = require( 'write-excel-file/node' );
// fetch things from net
let urlbase = ""
anselm /
Created October 26, 2021 03:42
Calling Rust from Rusty V8 Javascript in a useful way
This is a quick recipe for how to have a rust application invoke a javascript method using rusty v8 and do something useful.
The rusty v8 source code does show how to do a simpler version of calling rust from javascript in their examples folder - however I wanted an example that ferried some state through javascript back to Rust. In this way javascript can be used as a scripting layer with native code having enough context and information to do real work. Probably another way to do this would be to use a global pointer.
Here are some useful links:
anselm / avfoundation rust webcam
Last active September 26, 2022 18:14
avfoundation rust webcam experiment
View avfoundation rust webcam
// the below is a rust port of
// capture image from webcam(e.g. face time)
// some helpful examples
// msg_send
anselm / gist:33015bffe4989a6ebe20a68dbb17c499
Created February 12, 2021 20:59
Time Lock Self Sovereign 401k Future Money Smart Contract for ETH Denver Hackathon
View gist:33015bffe4989a6ebe20a68dbb17c499
// See the Figma
// And see the app!/web3-time-lock
pragma solidity >=0.4.22 <0.7.0;
contract FutureBank {
address private owner;
mapping (address => uint256) private balances;
mapping (address => uint256) private locktime;
View simplefirebasesetup
This is a quick outline of building an web service with these constraints:
- some kind of cloud hosting; ie; visibile anywhere on the internet, no fretting over back end unix installs
- presents a user editable fillable form on a web page
- saves that user supplied form data to persistent state on the server
- signs the user supplied information with a private key
- does some secure server side transactionally bound database actions
- returns a result to the user
I've been using firebase lately and I'd definitely do it this way if I was asked to do a quick one off.
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anselm / categories.txt
Created June 6, 2018 21:37
Categories of AR Apps
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- categories
- support
- hardware
- 3d trackers
- rendering
- animation
- datastore
- cloud service
- account management
View gps_sound_game.html
<!-- see the writeup at -->
<canvas id="mycanvas" width=512 height=512>
// a small database of all the objects
let artifacts = [