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WPDS Düsseldorf - HTML / SVG Group

WPDS Düsseldorf – HTML / SVG Group


We’re tracking our efforts in this Google Doc.

Who does this belong to?

Chat to Anselm

Picture of Anselm Hannemann

Add new Elements

For example you could document these new elements:

  • <picture> element (HTML, new page)
  • srcset attribute (HTML)
  • <img> element (HTML)

Update documentation

What you can do?

  • Update browser support
  • Add links to tutorials, polyfills or anything related
  • Add better examples (i.e. images showing what it does), Code Examples

Examples that need an update:

SVG Overview page

The whole section needs some love

Hint: Look for unreviewed imports and add examples, improve language (make it sound more natural).

Improve Concepts

…or just have fun with some other stuff

Just ask one from the staff if it’s okay and what and how you can improve documentation. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of interesting stuff to document and improve.

Cheers! Anselm


anselmh commented May 19, 2014

Notes, Issues:

  • XML Highlighting für SVG (Missing Option, like HTML)
  • Dabblet Forking of own gist not possible (editing not possible)
  • Upload only possible after 10 edits (of assets)
  • Same for create new page (problematic for WPDS, no 10 edits)
  • Preview doesn’t contain code.
  • Super slow in Firefox (JS, presumably the annotiation JS?)
  • No tables possible in content
  • Users cannot create pages, templating unclear
  • File upload errors (duplicate, 503error)
  • SVG Compatility per element not useful
  • Table in main content broken (MediaWiki issue?)
  • Compatibility Import (broken, doesn’t do a correct import)
  • Example editor doesn’t escape everything (picture > source i.e., HTML comments are stripped)
  • Page Templates: Elements: Attribute section?
  • Right management / Access management

Achieved in Group:

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