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threat modeling toolkit cryptocurrencies plantuml
skinparam monochrome true
skinparam defaultTextAlignment center
agent "Steal cryptocurrency" as steal
agent "Manipulate the market" as market
agent "Invade privacy" as privacy
agent "Expose their spending habits" as spy
privacy --> spy
agent "View their transactions on blockchain" as blockchain
spy --> blockchain
agent "Gain wallet access" as wallet
steal --> wallet
agent "**I**nternet **C**on **O**peration" as con
steal --> con
agent "Steal physical wallet\nand password" as phys
agent "Find wallet seed" as seed
agent "Gain access to\nlocal software wallet" as accesswallet
agent "Gain access to\n web based wallet" as webwallet
wallet --> phys
wallet --> accesswallet
wallet --> webwallet
accesswallet --> seed
agent "Weak seeding algo" as weakseed
seed --> weakseed
agent "Malware" as malware
accesswallet --> malware
agent "Gain remote access\nto local API" as api
agent "Authentication bypass" as lackauth
agent "DNS rebinding attack" as dnsrebind
accesswallet --> api
interface "and" as and
api --> and
and --> lackauth
and --> dnsrebind
agent "Gain exchange access" as xaccess
agent "Steal account" as xaccount
'agent "Compromise network" as xnetwork
agent "API access" as xapi
agent "Steal API keys" as xkeys
agent "Authentication bypass" as xauthbypass
steal --> xaccess
xaccess ---> xaccount
'xaccess --> xnetwork
xaccess --> xapi
xapi --> xkeys
xapi --> xauthbypass
xapi --> xaccount
agent "Denial of service" as dos
market --> dos
market --> xaccess
'market -> steal
cloud "**···**" as another
xaccount --> another
cloud "**···**" as anothertwo
cloud "**···**" as anotherthree
xauthbypass --> anothertwo
xkeys --> anotherthree
'spy --> xaccess
'spy --> wallet
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