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GSoC 18 Work Product - anshumanv

GSoC 2018

Student: Anshuman Verma
Github: @anshumanv
Organisation: FOSSASIA
Project: SUSI Analytics


Adding analytics and skill metrics to SUSI.


Analytics tool to showcase conversational analytics/statistics using the data received from SUSI server. The analytical features were implemented in the SUSI Skill CMS

My Work in SUSI Projects


SUSI Accounts

SUSI Webchat

Contributions Overview

Community Bonding

  • Enable git pre-hooks using husky.
  • Code refactoring and fixing compilation warnings.
  • Adding a fallback image for cases when skill image is not supplied.

Phase 1

  • Display positive and negative interactions of a skill on skill page.
  • Add skill rating section to skill page.
  • Add a skill usage section to the skill page.
  • Optimised skill search on the CMS.

Phase 2

  • Integrate prettier with ESLint for consistent code style throughout the project.
  • Display weekly skill hits in skill usage section.
  • Added device wise usage subsection to the skill usage card and display a pie chart for varying device usage.
  • Added MyRatings component in the dashboard.
  • Added feature to refine skills by average customer review.
  • Added metrics for top rated skills.
  • Sidebar enhancements on the index page.
  • Added ratings for skills over time.

Phase 3

  • Added metrics for top feedback skills.
  • Added a skill usage distribution chart for the skills by an author in the dashboard.
  • Added metrics for top games category.
  • Added a feature to report skills.
  • Ability to delete skills from the skill page for admins.
  • Huge code refactoring, UI fixes, UX enhancements.


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6
Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8
Screenshot 9 Screenshot 10
Screenshot 11


Thank you.

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