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Created September 28, 2012 12:54
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Demonstrate bugs in CKEditor 4 Beta
/* Example Configuration for CKEditor Beta 4
CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function(config) {
config.toolbarStartupExpanded = false; // Bug: toolbar doesn't render at all.
// config.toolbarStartupExpanded = true; // This works fine. Toolbar can be collapsed.
config.toolbarCanCollapse = true;
/* The following invalid CSS is missing an expression on line 5: */
.cke_menuitem .cke_icon,.cke_button_icon,.cke_menuitem .cke_disabled .cke_icon,.cke_button_disabled .cke_button_icon{filter:}
/* But could be corrected by removing the statement entirely */
/* The following invalid CSS on line 15: */
*html .cke_uicolor_picker .yui-picker-bg
/* Could be corrected with: */
* html .cke_uicolor_picker .yui-picker-bg
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