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Guesswork-free 3D minesweeper
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from itertools import product, chain, count
import random, time
from z3 import *
N, M = 6, 11
def all_positions():
return product(range(N), repeat=3)
def in_range(pos):
return all(0 <= n < N for n in pos)
deltas = [(dx, dy, dz) for dx, dy, dz in product((-1, 0, 1), repeat=3) if not dx == dy == dz == 0]
def neighbours(pos):
for d in deltas:
new = tuple(x + dx for x, dx in zip(pos, d))
if in_range(new):
yield new
def generate_game(start_pos):
def gen_pos():
return tuple(random.randint(0, N-1) for _ in range(3))
bombs = set()
while len(bombs) < M:
p = gen_pos()
if p == start_pos or p in neighbours(start_pos):
return bombs
def tag(bombs, pos):
if pos in bombs:
return -1
return sum(nb in bombs for nb in neighbours(pos))
def is_uniquely_solvable(bombs, start):
s = Solver()
value = Function('value', IntSort(), IntSort(), IntSort(), IntSort())
s.add(M == Sum([If(value(x, y, z) < 0, 1, 0) for x, y, z in all_positions()]))
for pos in all_positions():
nb_mines = Sum([If(value(*nb) < 0, 1, 0) for nb in neighbours(pos)])
s.add(Or(value(*pos) == -1, value(*pos) == nb_mines))
# All currently revealed safe positions
known = set()
# All positions that are known to be safe, but not currently revealed.
to_visit = set([start])
while to_visit:
pos = to_visit.pop()
# assert that the position we believe to be safe does not in fact contain a bomb...
assert pos not in bombs
t = tag(bombs, pos)
# reveal the position
s.add(value(*pos) == t)
if t == 0:
to_visit.update(nb for nb in neighbours(pos) if nb not in known)
elif len(to_visit) == 0 and len(known) < N**3:
to_try = set(chain.from_iterable(neighbours(pos) for pos in known)) - known
for cand in to_try:
s.add(value(*cand) == -1)
if s.check() == unsat:
return False
return True
def generate_solvable_game(start_pos):
start = time.time()
for tries in count(1):
print('Generating solvable game [tries = {}]'.format(tries), end='\r')
bombs = generate_game(start_pos)
if is_uniquely_solvable(bombs, start_pos):
print('Generated solvable game after {} tries ({:.3}s)'.format(tries, time.time() - start))
return bombs
def print_grid(known):
for z in range(N):
print('Layer {}:'.format(z+1))
for y in range(N):
print(' '.join('{: ^3}'.format(known.get((x, y, z), '?')) for x in range(N)))
if __name__ == "__main__":
def input_guess(prompt='Your guess? '):
while True:
x, y, z = map(int, input(prompt).split())
if in_range((x, y, z)):
return (x, y, z)
except ValueError:
start_pos = input_guess('Initial guess? ')
bombs = generate_solvable_game(start_pos)
known = {}
def reveal(pos):
to_reveal = set([pos])
while to_reveal:
pos = to_reveal.pop()
t = tag(bombs, pos)
known[pos] = t
if t == 0:
to_reveal.update(nb for nb in neighbours(pos) if nb not in known)
while len(known) + M < N**3:
pos = input_guess()
if pos in bombs:
print('You won!')
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