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Anthony Eden anthonyeden

Working on changing the world.
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anthonyeden / example.html
Created Jun 4, 2020
MetaRadio: Now Playing JS Example
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<span id="metaradio-now-title"></span>
<span id="metaradio-now-artist"></span>
<span id="metaradio-now-artwork"></span>
// Setup our HTTP request
var xhr_metaradio_now = new XMLHttpRequest();
// Setup our listener to process completed requests
xhr_metaradio_now.onload = function () {
anthonyeden / MetaRadio-Myriad-Template.xml
Last active Sep 4, 2020
MetaRadio Myriad OCP Template
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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<StartTimestamp><OCP_SPECIAL_NOW_yyyy-mm-dd hh:nn:ss></StartTimestamp>
anthonyeden / template.xml
Created Apr 24, 2020
MetaRadio Generic File & IP Templates
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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<StartTimestamp><![CDATA[YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS]]></StartTimestamp>
<Title><![CDATA[Song Title]]></Title>
<Artist><![CDATA[Artist Name]]></Artist>
<Album><![CDATA[Album Name]]></Album>
<PlayoutId><![CDATA[Unique ID / Filename]]></PlayoutId>
<ExternalId><![CDATA[Scheduling system ID - optional]]></ExternalId>
anthonyeden / facebook-live-video-scraper.txt
Last active Mar 19, 2020
Facebook Live Embed Scraper
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This script allows you to scrape a Facebook page for live videos, and generate a iframe embed code for your website. It uses Selenium Firefox web driver. You may get banned if you run this too often - this is yet to be seen.
The file `livestream-data.json` will be updated with extra fields if/when a live video is found.
anthonyeden / blockeditor_enableperpage.php
Created Feb 14, 2020
Wordpress: Selectively enable Block Editor per-page
View blockeditor_enableperpage.php
// Disable the Block Editor on all pages, except specific pages
add_filter('use_block_editor_for_post', '__return_false', 5);
add_filter('use_block_editor_for_post', function($can_edit, $post) {
// Conditionally allow the block editor per-page
if (empty($post->ID)) return $can_edit;
if (get_post_meta($post->ID, 'use_block_editor', true) == true) {
anthonyeden / MetaRadioTemplate.xml
Created Feb 13, 2020
MBStudio MetaRadio Template
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<?xml version="1.0"?>
anthonyeden / MetaRadioFile.xml
Last active Feb 12, 2020
Simian XML File - MetaRadio Template
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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<StartTimestamp><![CDATA[<!--BSIDATE--> <!--BSITIME-->]]></StartTimestamp>
anthonyeden /
Created Jan 28, 2020
LWRP Example: Silence Detection & GPIO
# Requires
import time
from LWRPClient import LWRPClient
# Connect to audio node
LWRP_Audio = LWRPClient("", 93)
# Connect to GPIO node
LWRP_Logic = LWRPClient("", 93)
anthonyeden / countdown_5mins.txt
Created Jul 21, 2019
Adobe After Effects - Countdown Expressions
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st = 300;
t = st - time;
c = timeToTimecode(t);
c = c.substring(4,8)
anthonyeden /
Created Dec 30, 2018
Google Analytics Realtime Data
from apiclient.discovery import build
from oauth2client.service_account import ServiceAccountCredentials
import httplib2
VIEW_ID = 'ga:123456789'
def get_service(api_name, api_version, scope, key_file_location,
"""Get a service that communicates to a Google API.