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Gracefully handle a PyMongo AutoReconnect
import functools
import pymongo
import logging
import time
def graceful_auto_reconnect(mongo_op_func):
"""Gracefully handle a reconnection event."""
def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):
for attempt in xrange(MAX_AUTO_RECONNECT_ATTEMPTS):
return mongo_op_func(*args, **kwargs)
except pymongo.errors.AutoReconnect as e:
wait_t = 0.5 * pow(2, attempt) # exponential back off
logging.warning("PyMongo auto-reconnecting... %s. Waiting %.1f seconds.", str(e), wait_t)
return wrapper

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lucian1900 commented Jan 14, 2013

Interesting. I'm building something similar by subclassing pymongo.connection.Connection. However, I'm having trouble with it looping forever between 0 and 1 tries. I tried this with the same result.

What exactly is mongo_op_func here, if you don't mind?


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ahmedtalhakhan commented Feb 24, 2014

Might want to look at this Its pretty cool and gets incorporated into existing code with minimal changes.

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