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Last active Feb 6, 2019
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Stubbing an ActiveRecord::Relation object
# first we create an empty ActiveRecord::Relation object
relation = Model.where(attribute: value)
# then we make the relation stub the :[] method
# and return whatever values we need
relation.stub(:[]).and_return({attrs: values})] )
# of course, we can make this too
# instead of the step above
record = double("Model", :foo => 'bar', :bar => 'baz')
# last, we make our Model class stub the :where method
# and return the relation object we created
# additionally we can have use case specific behavior
model_instance.stub(:method_or_scope_that_returns_collection) { relation }

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@keesbriggs keesbriggs commented Dec 6, 2017

Line 6 is missing a square brace.

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