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Antonio Antillon antillas21

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antillas21 / carrierwave.rb
Created Mar 12, 2014
Carrierwave initializer file
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if Rails.env.development?
CarrierWave.configure do |config| = :file
elsif Rails.env.test?
CarrierWave.configure do |config| = :file
config.enable_processing = false
else # production
View Gruntfile.js
// Generated on 2013-08-13 using generator-angular 0.3.1
'use strict';
var LIVERELOAD_PORT = 35729;
var lrSnippet = require('connect-livereload')({ port: LIVERELOAD_PORT });
var mountFolder = function (connect, dir) {
return connect.static(require('path').resolve(dir));
var proxySnippet = require('grunt-connect-proxy/lib/utils').proxyRequest;
// # Globbing
antillas21 / app.js
Last active Aug 29, 2015
ngResource config
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var app = angular.module('myApp.api', ['ngResource']);
app.factory("Clinic", ['$resource', function($resource) {
var resource = $resource("",
id: "@id",
action: "@action"
View rspec_model_testing_template.rb
# This is a skeleton for testing models including examples of validations, callbacks,
# scopes, instance & class methods, associations, and more.
# Pick and choose what you want, as all models don't NEED to be tested at this depth.
# I'm always eager to hear new tips & suggestions as I'm still new to testing,
# so if you have any, please share!
# @kyletcarlson
# This skeleton also assumes you're using the following gems:
View client.rb
class Client < ActiveRecord::Base
scope :search, ->(term) {
clients_table = self.arel_table
column = clients_table[:name]
antillas21 / application.html.erb
Created Jan 8, 2011
Files to edit after creating a Rails app with template:
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# in order to complete Devise initial requirements:
# app/views/layout/application.html.erb
<% flash.each do |key, value| %>
<div class='flash' id='<%= key %>'>
<%= value %>
<% end %>
antillas21 / qrcodes.rb
Created May 12, 2011
Creating QRCodes with rqr gem
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require 'rubygems'
require 'rqr'
string = ""
mecard = "MECARD:N:Android OS;;URL:;;"
RQR::QRCode.create() do |qr|, "google.jpg")
antillas21 / pet_template.rb
Created Jan 28, 2012
SITIO BASICO: Como crear un simple sistema de plantillas para sitios web muy basicos. versión Ruby w/Sinatra
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require 'sinatra'
helpers do
def partial(page)
erb page, :layout => false
get '/' do
@page_title = 'Mi pagina web'
antillas21 / Omega8cc Recipe
Created Jan 30, 2012 — forked from omega8cc/gist:960279
Import existing Drupal sites into Aegir
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1. Upload or rsync full drupal root of your site to static/custom/name
2. Chmod everything with command:
$ chmod -R 775 static/custom/name
and files only with:
$ chmod -R 777 static/custom/name/sites/default/files/*
antillas21 / gist:1741296
Created Feb 5, 2012
Clonar y administrar tus dotfiles
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# primero colocarnos en el folder donde queremos tener nuestros dotfiles, en el ejemplo,
# directamente en el directorio de usuario
$ cd
# clonar repositorio que ya tienes
$ git clone git://
# esto creara el directorio dotvim en el directorio en que estábamos
$ ls -l
drwx------+ 65 aantillon staff 2210 Jan 30 02:53 dotvim
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