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Created May 7, 2011 07:22
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1. Upload or rsync full drupal root of your site to static/custom/name
2. Chmod everything with command:
$ chmod -R 775 static/custom/name
and files only with:
$ chmod -R 777 static/custom/name/sites/default/files/*
3. Add platform in Aegir using full system path of static/custom/name
so it will be (in this case) /data/disk/USER/static/custom/name
4. Create an empty site in the new platform with your final domain
5. Move all files from sites/default/files to sites/domain/files
with: cp -af sites/default/files/* sites/domain/files/
6. Import your uploaded database (or use backup_migrate module) with:
$ cd static/custom/name/sites/domain
$ drush sqlc < /data/disk/USER/static/domain.sql
$ drush cc all
7. Rename the site (using Migrate task) twice - first to some
temporary subdomain like and then
back to your final domain
8. Finally, re-verify the site in Aegir. Done!
Hint1: Replace USER with your Aegir Octopus system (not ftp) username.
Your Aegir system username is the same as your ftp username,
minus .ftp. NOTE: you don't have an access to your Aegir system
user, it is mentioned above only to help you using correct path.
Hint2: If your site have been installed as Drupal multisite on your
previous server (so not in the sites/default), then you have to
upload its files and optionally themes and modules existing
in the sites/ *after* you created an empty site
in the step #4 above. Please don't upload sites/
directory in step #1, you need to upload it in step #5 and then:
$ chmod -R 777 static/custom/name/sites/*
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