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random_walk_3_sat = (f, n, rr) ->
ff = (x) -> f.every (fn) -> fn x
for r in [1..rr]
x = sample [false, true] for i in [1..n]
for k in [1..3*n]
return "充足可能である" if ff x # W7,8,9
c = sample (fn for fn in f when not fn x) # W10
idx = parseInt sample c.toString().match(/\d+/g) # W11
x[idx] = not x[idx] # W12
sample = (arr) -> arr[Math.floor Math.random() * arr.length]
p1 = (x) -> x[0] or x[1] or x[2]
p2 = (x) -> x[3] or x[1] or not x[2]
p3 = (x) -> not x[0] or x[3] or x[2]
p4 = (x) -> not x[0] or not x[3] or x[1]
p5 = (x) -> not x[3] or not x[1] or x[2]
p6 = (x) -> not x[0] or not x[1] or not x[2]
p7 = (x) -> x[0] or not x[3] or not x[2]
p8 = (x) -> x[0] or x[3] or not x[1]
f = [p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8]
console.log random_walk_3_sat f, 4, 3
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