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Last active Aug 24, 2019
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Work Report for Google Summer Of Code 2019
Orgainization [The Perl foundation]
Project name Redesign of the Perl 6 Documentation System
Primary repository Perl6-Documentable
Project Mentors Juan J. Merelo, Richard Hainsworth, Patric Speck, Tom Browder
Project Page Summer of Code Project Page
Status Completed

Project abstract

Remake part of the tooling used to generate documentation in Perl 6. The main aim of this project is provide an easy-to-use tool generate static files containing the documentation and provide and high-level API to consult it.

Note: this is a briefly report, to see the work done thoroughly, please check the READMEs files and the documentations.

Work done

I have worked in three different repositories:

I have also made some contributions to the main perl6/doc repository, you can check them here.

Blog posts


I have not been able to integrate Pod::Render in my project. We need to investigate why it is so slow before achieve that). It has a good suite of tests and it lets the user to override a fair amount of templates to customize the result.

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