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Flow data flow analysis loses info under a lambda
/* @flow */
/* Paste this into to see the bug: */
const f = (lut: ?{[key: string]: number}): number => {
// This correctly notices that we're doing a null check on lut:
const testKey = 'fizz'
const y = (lut != null) ? lut[testKey] : 0
// Putting the access of lut under a lambda (the arg to map)
// loses this info:
const keyList = ['foo','fee','foe']
const zs = (lut != null) ? => lut[k]) : []
return y

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antonycourtney commented Mar 31, 2017

Actually this may just be Flow being overly conservative --

And, indeed, a workaround is to change first two lines to:

const f = (inLut: ?{[key: string]: number}): number => {
  const lut = inLut

and then it all works.

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