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* This function includes the shadow traffic "side channel" in addition to
* the "main channel".
export const handleDataRequestWithShadowTraffic = (
requestId: string,
animal: TAnimal,
): Promise<TDataApiData> => {
* If the runtime configuration says so, we make a shadow request to the New
* Data API. Note that this operation isn't blocking! I.e. if the API call
* below is faster, this doesn't need to be awaited on. Also, since this
* happens within the function scope and no external references are created,
* this will be nicely garbage collected, and no memory leaks are created.
newDataApiClient.getData(requestId, animal);
* We get the data from the Old Data API and return that to the client.
* This line doesn't really care if the request above is made or not.
return oldDataApiClient.getData(requestId, animal);
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