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Created March 12, 2015 22:33
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newrelic server monitoring ansible role for Ubuntu
# Install newrelic server monitoring
# Add newrelic repository
- apt_repository: repo='deb newrelic non-free' state=present
# Trust the New Relic GPG key.
- apt_key: url= state=present
# Update and install apt packages
- name: Run apt-get update
apt: update_cache=yes
# Install the package "newrelic-sysmond"
- apt: name=newrelic-sysmond state=present
# Add license key to config file: (See /etc/newrelic/nrsysmond.cfg for other config options)
- shell: nrsysmond-config --set license_key={{your newrelic license key goes here}}
# Start the daemon:
- service: name=newrelic-sysmond state=started
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