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Last active October 10, 2021 14:52
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Boldport, one of the interwebs better known hardware design guys went on a rant on how prototyping is so very different from production. If you have ever held a solder gun, or intend to, you should read this.

Why did your "hardware startup" Kickstarter fail? Because none of your prototyping skills are required for production. source

Skill Prototyping Production
coding sloppy efficient
technical stack overflow $$$ consultants
sourcing clickety-clack interacting with distributors
iterating quickly free next day delivery 12+6 week lead time and shipping from China
testing woop, it works! build jigs, test suite, train people
support wha? oh shit.
circuit design cuta-and-pasta actually need to know what you are doing
pcb design this Arduino shield would do Eagle isn't fun -> $$$ consultants
enclosure over-night 3D print. easy. tooling costs. Yikes !
shipping FedEx overnight holy damn, shipping is expensive, unreliable and lossy
breadth I'll wing it. How hard can hardware be? Crap. I'm a fraud
packaging I'll just fold these 5 boxes 5 days folding 5k boxes isn't fun. Where do I even keep them?!
compliance certification schmertification. ESD, EMC, FCC, CE are expensive things.
pricing unit cost should be $5 with $4.5 profit It's so damn complicated. I'm about to lose a lot of money
knowledge I know everything I wish I knew about that much sooner
punctuality 3 months delivery max. Crap, OK, I'll write the blog post explaining why we're 3 year late

PS: I put this here so that I can use this in future slidedecks.