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Last active Apr 26, 2018
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Ember.js publishing tools

Ember publishing tools

This document is intended as a "scratchpad" to think through Ember-based systems.

CMS Design Requirements

  • MUST have a content store
    • Content MAY be stored with source
    • Content models MAY be related to other, differently-formed content models
  • MUST support POJO content metadata
  • MUST NOT store content in app bundle
  • MUST support lazy-loading item content vs metadata
  • MUST support components, actions, state-passing to loaded content

Userspace Example

  • Public example at
  • Content is generated from .mbs (markdownbars :) files in arbitrary directory (link)
    • Content may use simple hbs component invocation (link)
    • Content may also use blocks (link)
  • Critical metadata may be fetched in route hooks: (link)
    • While this example uses an ember-data model, this is not a requirement. You can consume asyncResource.fetch directly (link)
  • Async content is easy to use:
    • Just fetch it—protip: do this with e-concurrency (link)
    • Then present it (link)

Here's a relevant diff

Current state

  • ember-cli-hyde: published 0.2.4
    • Supports passing arbitrary dirs to parser, which collects .yml, .md, .mbs files and outputs an analogous tree with the resulting .json metadata & .m* content
    • Supports pre-configuring prember URLs to content paths
    • Files are added to + preprocessed in the template tree
  • ember-cli-markdownbars: unpublished, in-repo addon in the Cook For Mom project
    • Supports handlebars syntax in Markdown content
    • Works for any .mbs content in the template tree
  • ember-async-layout: unpublished, in-repo addon in the Cook For Mom project
    • FastBoot-safe tools for fetching arbitrary content; useful when developing on your fs, but publishing to CDN
    • Includes easy fn to download and register precompiled template files from trusted remote hosts
    • Includes lightweight, tagless component to present downloaded templates
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