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Rob Lingstuyl anwarhamr

  • Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
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anwarhamr / scan only every 10s for 5s
Last active Sep 23, 2020
connecting and scanning runs out of clientIf (GATT clients) and no longer connects
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This logcat log is from and Android 6 OS. Using React-natvie-ble-manager@7.3.1
I don't have an option to upgrade the OS since this
is really the only option out there for an FDA approved medical tablet...
I see the clientIf values just continue to climb and finally run out w/
the appearance of `bt_btif : Register with GATT stack failed.`
I expect to connect to 4 devices when all 4 are connected I don't try to scan again;
does not happen in this log. Until I'm connected to 4 devices I scan every 10 seconds.
In this log I only see 4 device disconnections and the log shows that the GATT is
anwarhamr / index.js
Last active Nov 25, 2019 — forked from zkat/index.js
npx is cool
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#!/usr/bin/env node
var cowsay = require('cowsay')
text : "Hi Mimi, Did you know...",
e : "oo",
T : "U "
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bleCommunicator: {
scanStatus: 'BLE_SCAN_STOPPED',
connectedDevices: [
allFwVersions: {},
loadedFirmware: {},
'80:EA:CA:00:00:04': {
rssi: -68,
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"user_dim": {
"user_id": null,
"first_open_timestamp_micros": "1528150323035000",
"user_properties": [
"key": "first_open_time",
"value": {
"value": {