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Anynines Bosh deployment changes required to migrate from VMWare vCloud to OpenStack
network: network:
cloud_properties: cloud_properties:
name: "anynines" name: "anynines"
ip: 5.22.x.x | net_id: 12345678-9101-1121-1236-142355d67ca5
netmask: | type: manual
gateway: 5.22.x.x | label: private
dns: | ip:
- 109.234.x.x <
- 109.234.x.x <
resources: resources:
persistent_disk: 100000 persistent_disk: 100000
cloud_properties: cloud_properties:
ram: 1024 | instance_type: any-infr-small
disk: 8192 disk: 8192
cpu: 2 <
cloud: cloud:
plugin: vcloud | plugin: openstack
properties: properties:
vcds: | openstack:
- url: | auth_url:
user: anynines | username: anynines
password: secret | api_key: secret
entities: | tenant: anynines-tenant
organization: anynines | default_key_name: secret-key
virtual_datacenter: anynines-vdc | default_security_groups: ["anynines"]
vapp_catalog: Bosh | private_key: /root/.ssh/secret-key.pem
media_catalog: Bosh <
vm_metadata_key: cf-agent-env <
description: Bosh <

Some comments for the OpenStack manifest:

  • "name" at network cloud_properties is not used
  • "label" at network is not used
  • "disk" at resources cloud_properties is not used
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