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" Main novelty here (if it is one): this does NOT try to be helpful by
" inserting the closing delimiter for you when you type an opening one.
" Instead it only tries to be smart about what to do when you type a closing
" delimiter yourself.
" If you just typed an empty delimiter pair, it'll move the cursor back
" inside. If you type a closing delimiter the cursor is already on (or to
" the left of, if the cursor is on a space), it'll skip the cursor past that
" delimiter without inserting it.
" That way you never end with superfluous delimiters to delete, which deletion
" itself can be tricky to perform, since the editor might be trying to be
" helpful about deletions as well. Instead, you only ever get delimiters you
" explicitly typed yourself.
" I had trained myself into the good habit of typing pairs together anyway.
" The only annoying part of that habit is the manual cursor placement work;
" but that work is quite predictable almost all of the time. That's exactly
" the sort of work that computers are for.
function! IsEmptyPair(str)
for pair in split( &matchpairs, ',' ) + [ "''", '""', '``' ]
if a:str == join( split( pair, ':' ),'' )
return 1
return 0
function! WithinEmptyPair()
let cur = strpart( getline('.'), col('.')-2, 2 )
return IsEmptyPair( cur )
function! SkipDelim(char)
let cur = strpart( getline('.'), col('.')-2, 3 )
if cur[0] == "\\"
return a:char
elseif cur[1] == a:char
return "\<Right>"
elseif cur[1] == ' ' && cur[2] == a:char
return "\<Right>\<Right>"
elseif IsEmptyPair( cur[0] . a:char )
return a:char . "\<Left>"
return a:char
inoremap <expr> ) SkipDelim(')')
inoremap <expr> ] SkipDelim(']')
inoremap <expr> } SkipDelim('}')
inoremap <expr> ' SkipDelim("'")
inoremap <expr> " SkipDelim('"')
inoremap <expr> ` SkipDelim('`')
inoremap <expr> <BS> WithinEmptyPair() ? "\<Right>\<BS>\<BS>" : "\<BS>"
inoremap <expr> <CR> WithinEmptyPair() ? "\<CR>\<CR>\<Up>" : "\<CR>"
inoremap <expr> <Space> WithinEmptyPair() ? "\<Space>\<Space>\<Left>" : "\<Space>"
vmap q( s()<C-R>"<Esc>
vmap q) s()<C-R>"<Esc>
vmap q[ s[]<C-R>"<Esc>
vmap q] s[]<C-R>"<Esc>
vmap q{ s{}<C-R>"<Esc>
vmap q} s{}<C-R>"<Esc>
vmap q' s''<C-R>"<Esc>
vmap q" s""<C-R>"<Esc>
vmap q` s``<C-R>"<Esc>

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@aghast aghast commented Jan 8, 2014

In my particular version of Vim (VIM - Vi IMproved 7.3 (2010 Aug 15, compiled Aug 24 2013 18:58:47)
the vmap commands do not work as I think you intend them to work. I get ()foo instead of (foo). Changing the mapping to s(") works fine, though.

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