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Last active April 2, 2022 19:20
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Flat, randomness, curves, asemic writing
name: rwet
- conda-forge
- python
- numpy
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Singularity3 commented Jul 23, 2019

Here's an overly parameterized version of the make_char function:

def make_char(xoffset, yoffset, size, grid_num=3, grid_num_y = -1, line_count_dist = t_normal(4, 12, 8, 2), rand_offset = 0, y_width = 1):
    pts = []
    ywidth = size*y_width
    if grid_num_y == -1:
        grid_num_y = grid_num
    for i in range(int(line_count_dist)):
        x = xoffset + (choice([i/(grid_num-1) for i in range(0, grid_num)]) * size) + normal(0, rand_offset)*size
        y = yoffset + (choice([i/(grid_num_y-1) for i in range(0, grid_num_y)]) * ywidth) + normal(0, rand_offset)*ywidth
        pts.append([x, y])
    return pts

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