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@aparrish aparrish/
Created Apr 3, 2011

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generate simple poem from twitter search results
from twitter_search import search_twitter
import random
import sys
import re
class Thingy(object):
def __init__(self, words):
self.words = words
self.begins = dict([(word, []) for word in words])
self.ends = dict([(word, []) for word in words])
def start(self):
import urllib
query = '?' + urllib.urlencode({'q': ' OR '.join(self.words), 'rpp': 100})
search_twitter(query, self.feed, maxpages=20)
def feed(self, tweet):
text = tweet['text']
for s in self.words:
loc = text.find(s.lower())
if loc != -1:
begins = text[loc:].split(" ")[:random.randrange(2,8)]
ends = text[:loc+len(s)].split(" ")[-random.randrange(2,8):]
def generate(self):
for i in range(1000):
s = random.choice(self.words)
begin = ' '.join(random.choice(self.begins[s]))
end = ' '.join(random.choice(self.ends[s]))
begin2 = ' '.join(random.choice(self.begins[s]))
begin3 = ' '.join(random.choice(self.begins[s]))
target = '\n\t'.join([': '.join([end, begin]), begin2, begin3])
if'^[a-zA-Z,.:;?!\- \n\t]*$', target):
print target
generator = Thingy(['voicing', 'shucked', 'slant'])
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