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(I cheated: you need sowpods.txt for this.)
isobel:~ adam$ perl -nle 'chomp;push@w,$_ if"everything"=~/$_/;END{{print join" ",map{$w[rand @w]}0..rand(4);print""if++$i%3==0;redo}}' <~/Documents/Code/sowpods.txt |head -40
thin hi thing thin
every eve
thin very eve hing
eve every
eve hi hin
everything thin hin
er everything
hin hing
hi ever every
hin er
everything er
hing hing eve
ever hi er
eve hin thin
hing hing thing
er thing hin
in thin hin hi
thin eve hing everything
in ever very
hing thin thin thing
ever every in hi
thing everything hin thing
hing every thin
in every every hing
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