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Source this file in your .tcshrc to get git command completion. Original source is but WordPress's WSYIWYG editor messed it up and I cleaned it up.
# Source this script in tcsh to setup shell completions
# for git. Completions are activated by typing or Control-D
# in the shell after entering a partial command.
# Usage:
# source git-completion.tcsh (e.g. in ~/.cshrc)
# Supported completions:
# git (lists git commands)
# git help (lists git commands)
# git branch (lists branch names)
# git checkout (lists branch names)
# git log (lists the most commonly used flags)
# git remote (lists git remote commands)
# git remote add|prune|rm|show|update
# (lists git remote names)
# In addition to entering where shown, you can enter it after
# typing part of the word, e.g. git branch bug to auto-complete
# branches starting with "bug".
# Author: David Adler, David Aguilar
# Note: you will likely have to change this path to point to your Git installation.
# You can also try to use "which git" to autodetect whether Git is installed.
if ( -x `which git`) then
# Git is installed so define tcsh completions for it.
# List of known git subcommands
# This is a hard-coded list to avoid calling 'git help' at startup.
set __git_cmd_names = (add bisect blame branch checkout clone commit config \
diff diff-files difftool fetch grep gui init log merge mv pull push \
rebase reset rm show shortlog stash status tag)
alias __git_aliases 'git config --get-regexp "alias.*" | sed -n "s,alias\.\([^ ]*\).*,\1,p"'
alias __git_branches 'git for-each-ref --format="%(refname)" refs/heads refs/remotes | sed -e s,refs/remotes/,, | sed -e s,refs/heads/,,'
alias __git_origin_branches 'git for-each-ref --format="%(refname)" refs/remotes/origin | grep -v HEAD | sed -e s,refs/remotes/origin/,,'
# Define the completions (see the tcsh man page).
complete git \
'p/1/`__git_aliases | xargs echo $__git_cmd_names`/' \
"n/help/($__git_cmd_names)/" \
'n/branch/`__git_branches | xargs echo -m -d`/' \
'n/config/(--global --get-regexp --list)/' \
'n/diff/`__git_branches | xargs echo --check --staged --stat -- *`/' \
'n/difftool/`__git_branches | xargs echo --no-prompt --staged -- *`/' \
'n/fetch/`git remote`/' \
'n/merge/`__git_branches`/' \
'n/log/`__git_branches | xargs echo -- --name-only --name-status --reverse --committer= --no-color --relative --ignore-space-change --ignore-space-at-eol --format=medium --format=full --format=fuller`/' \
'n/stash/(apply list save pop clear)/' \
'n/push/`git remote`/' \
'N/push/`__git_origin_branches`/' \
'n/pull/`git remote | xargs echo --rebase`/' \
'n/--rebase/`git remote`/' \
'N/--rebase/`__git_origin_branches`/' \
'N/pull/`__git_origin_branches`/' \
'n/rebase/`__git_branches | xargs echo --continue --abort --onto --skip --interactive`/' \
'N/rebase/`__git_branches`/' \
'n/remote/(show add rm prune update)/' \
'N/remote/`git remote`/' \
'n/checkout/`__git_branches | xargs echo -b --`/' \
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