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Last active March 31, 2017 13:44
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Nominee name: Benito Gonzalez

Nominee email:

Organization: Unicon, Inc.

Past contributions

Benito has been a long-time member of the Jasig and Apereo communities, as an adopter of Sakai, uPortal, and CAS, and now as a consultant primarly working on uPortal at Unicon. Benito recently joined the uPortal Steering Committee.

Benito has significantly contributed to uPortal and to several Portlets in its ecosystem.

Benito is active on uPortal email lists.


Benito has 119 commits in uPortal, including

  • database-backed Person Attribute Group Store implementation
  • bugfixes
  • documentation
  • dependency upgrades, build engineering, and release engineering

Benito also reviews and merges many Pull Requests from other contributors.

Benito has contributed significantly to several other Apereo repositories, including

in such areas as

  • presentation features
  • bug fixes
  • documentation
  • release engineering

Benito is in the top ten most active posters on both uportal-user@ and uportal-dev@ (since the lists' transition to Apereo Google Groups), with 34 posts in total.

Expected future contributions

On the uPortal steering committee, Benito has taken on cleaning up records of committership.

I expect Benito will continue to increase his code and other contributions to projects in the uPortal ecosystem through his role consulting on and supporting uPortal at Unicon, Inc.

Benito is on the Open Apereo 2017 conference schedule for

  • Co-presenting the uPortal 5 pre-conference workshop
  • Portlet showcase
  • co-presenting the Sinclair College AngularJS-portal implementation

A note on methods

I relied on quick reports and metrics that are convenient to read out of GitHub and Google Groups for this post. Those methods are nothing like perfect at reflecting all of an individual human's work, especially when that human uses various user account identifiers. I also didn't go looking for work in other contexts, e.g. or Atlassian BitBucket. Therefore I cannot promise that the above does not under-report Benito's work.

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