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Key characters in Dresden Files books

Resource supporting playing Dresden Files: The Cooperative Card Game.

To make the game thematic, you might want to play each "book" with characters who featured prominently in that book. The included game rules even state

For maximum authenticity and fun, read or re-read the Dresden Files novels as you go through the campaign, and include the Characters who appeared in the corresponding Book deck you are playing.

Indeed. Who wouldn't want maximum authenticity and fun? And the novels are a pleasure, especially as read by James Marsters as audio books.

But also, who has the time. So, this Snippet collects hints of who prominent characters were in which of the books so that you can more easily grab the authentic characters to go with the books.

Prominent characters in each Dresden Files book

Storm Front

Fool Moon

Grave Peril

Summer Knight


Death Masks

Blood Rites

Dead Beat

Proven Guilty

White Night

Small Favor

(Don't use Lash's gift variant, as Lash was burned out.)

Turn Coat


Ghost Story

Cold Days

(Apparently I haven't read this one.)

Skin Game

Peace Talks

Battle Ground

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