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Last active Nov 16, 2017
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Using the functions in graphviz.rkt, we now can do the things in enables.scrbl
@(require "graphviz.rkt")
@(require scriblib/figure)
@graphviz-figure["foo-bar" "Overview of Foo Bar"]{
digraph G {
foo -> bar
bar -> baz
baz -> quux
quux -> foo
As @figure-ref["foo-bar"] clearly shows, the cycle of foo bar is complete.
#lang racket/base
(require racket/file
(require scriblib/figure)
(provide graphviz-figure
;; @graphviz-dot["output"]{ ... }
(define (graphviz-dot #:dir [dir "."] name . lines)
(define tmpfile (make-temporary-file ""))
(with-output-to-file tmpfile
(lambda () (for-each displayln lines))
#:exists 'append)
(define type (if (path-get-extension name)
(subbytes (path-get-extension name) 1)
(system (format "dot -T~a -o ~a ~a"
type (build-path dir name) tmpfile))
(build-path dir name))
(define (graphviz-figure tag caption
#:type [type "svg"] #:dir [dir "."]
. src)
(define filename (string-append tag "." type))
(figure tag
(elem caption)
(image (keyword-apply graphviz-dot
'(#:dir) (list dir)
(cons filename src)))))
@figure["foo-bar" @elem{Overview of the Foo Bar}]{@image[@graphviz-dot["./build/foo-bar.svg"]{
digraph G {
graph [fontsize=10]
center = true
packMode = "graph"
machine -> kafka
kafka -> splunk
kafka -> user
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