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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Round 31

Round 31: Free. Functional and Secure...

Hello hackers,

Thanks to eBay for hosting us again! eBay always provides a great atmosphere and enough pizza and beer to satisfy everyone. As is standard affair in NYC, they're likely hiring!

Projects Presented (in pseudo-random order)

Nick Kersting

Nick shared with us his interest matching algorithm based on n-Sum encryption. What does that mean exactly? It means that two individuals can see, at least in theory, if they are interested in the same thing without divulging exactly what they're interested in.

Barry Clark

Jekyll-now is a git repository that you can fork to get a Jekyll powered blog up and running in seconds, on GitHub Pages. And, since GitHub now supports editing files in the browser, you've got yourself a pretty flexible blogging platform that never even needs to be copied to your local machine.

Gabe Ghearing

What can you do with a 30m strip of NeoPixel LEDs? Make them light up of course! Gabe setup a PHP script that allows anyone in the office to change the colors. Fun ensued.

Oliver Friedmann

There was a time when video blogging was all the rage [maybe it still is? -- Ed], but the idea seems to have fizzled, perhaps in part because the only platform viable for it is YouTube, which is, fundamentally not a platform for blogging. WordPress, however, is. Video based comments, and video based posts. In WordPress. Through a simple plugin. Go.

David Branner

David shared with us the promise of shortened URLs that can actually be read! Always! Then he let us in on the secret of his snake oil, you need to be able to read Chinese characters. Not all is lost though, something like a 1/3rd of the world could potentially be able to make use of this.

Sven Kreiss

Sven showed off Databench, a tool that combines Flask apps,, Redis and D3.js to produce interactive applications for the purposes of science, and exploration!

Tom Ballinger

Tom is excited about BPython, and showed us all the fixes he's made to it. [Hacking terminal apps is fun! -- Ed]

Zachary Kanfer

\2048. In Emacs. On Melpa. Go!

Sidney San Martín

Sidney showed us how easy / hard? it is to hack on terminal interfaces. Follow his exploits as he produces a Fish inspired shell called Sesh.

Announcements and things to watch out for...

You get a car! And, you get a car!

Thanks to everyone who contributed a couple of bucks to our group donation to the OpenBSD Foundation! Andrew will be making a $115 donation to them, which, despite the fact that they've completed fund raising for 2014, will hopefully enable them to keep going strong into the future!

For more information about the OpenBSD Foundation, see their bylaws.

Round 32

We're likely going to take summer vacation and be back in August. August 2nd marks the 4th anniversary of Hack and Tell! Thanks to all of you who have made it such a huge success!

Have an idea about how to make year 5 even better? Have space to offer up? Please reach out!

Happy hacking,

Andrew and James

Follow us on twitter! And, look out for new stuff on the website, any week now.

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