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be gay, do crimes

Kyle Kingsbury aphyr

be gay, do crimes
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aphyr /
Created Mar 28, 2018
Video to gif script
# Args: input video file, start time in HH:MM:SS, duration in seconds, output
# gif file.
# Tmpdir
rm -rf /tmp/video2gif
mkdir /tmp/video2gif
mplayer -nosub -ao null -ss "$2" -endpos "$3" "$1" -vo jpeg:outdir=/tmp/video2gif:quality=100
aphyr / gist:0ad3458a1478db97517e7ac2faf2da00
Created Oct 5, 2017
Advice on benchmarking databases
View gist:0ad3458a1478db97517e7ac2faf2da00
Hi S-------. I'm not an expert in performance benchmarking--I focus on
correctness and safety--but I have a few pieces of advice here.
0. Pick multiple workloads that cover the gamut of behaviors in each DB.
*Don't* choose a completely sharded workload for VoltDB. Don't choose a
purely commutative workload for Cassandra. Cassandra's Paxos
implementation is slow and a good benchmark will demonstrate
that--however, it *doesn't* (I think?) require a global coordinator,
which means it might *scale* better than a single-coordinator system
like, say, VoltDB. Talk about those differences!
View specificity.clj
(def conf {:people [{:lang :clojure}, {:lang :ruby}, {:lang :m4}]})
(defn clojurists
"Returns all clojurists at a conference."
(filter #(= :clojure (:lang %)) (:people conf)))
(defn final-person
"Returns the last attendee to the conference."
View spec.clj
(def example-history
{:txns [{:ops [{:f :read, :k :x, :v 1}]}]})
(defn index-txns
"Takes a raw history, and adds a sequential integer index :i to each txn in the history."
(update example-history :txns
(partial map-indexed (fn [i txn] (assoc txn :i i)))))
; So in core.typed I'd type this as (ignoring type functions and just writing things out literally)
aphyr / structure.clj
Created Apr 16, 2017
Extract a schema from a clojure object
View structure.clj
(require '[clojure.walk :as w])
(defmacro both [a b pred] `(and (~pred ~a) (~pred ~b)))
(defn union-structure [a b]
(cond (= a b) a
(both a b vector?) [(reduce union-structure (concat a b))]
(both a b map?) (merge-with union-structure a b)
; Dunno, said the ghoul
View distinct-identical.clj
(defn distinct-identical
"Like distinct, but only skips elements which are identical to those already
([xs] (distinct-identical xs {}))
([xs seen]
(when (seq xs)
(let [x (first xs)
h (hash x)
seen-xs (get seen h)]
aphyr / core.clj
Created Feb 13, 2017
Randomly assign hue lights from interweb color schemes
View core.clj
(ns lights.core
(:require [me.raynes.clhue [config :as conf]
[lights :as lights]]
[clj-http.client :as http]
[clojure.pprint :refer [pprint]]
[ :as io]
[hickory [core :as h]
[select :as hs]]
[cheshire.core :as json]
[clojure.core.reducers :as r]))
aphyr /
Created Jan 27, 2017
Jepsen pandoc templates
set FORMAT markdown+yaml_metadata_block+raw_tex+fenced_code_blocks+backtick_code_blocks+autolink_bare_uris+intraword_underscores+footnotes+auto_identifiers+ascii_identifiers
set OPTIONS -s --smart --number-sections
for dir in $argv
cd $dir
cp ../template.latex ./
pandoc -f $FORMAT $OPTIONS -o article.tex --template ../template.latex; and xelatex article.tex; # and evince article.pdf &
View rivers.edn
INFO jepsen.util - 635 :ok :read [{:val -1, :sts 0N, :node -1, :process -1, :tb -1} {:val 0, :sts 14719766284873261820000000000N, :node 2, :process 12, :tb 0} {:val 1, :sts 14719766285512842950000000000N, :node 4, :process 19, :tb 0} {:val 2, :sts 14719766286362323440000000000N, :node 2, :process 7, :tb 0} {:val 3, :sts 14719766286703404550000000000N, :node 4, :process 9, :tb 0} {:val 4, :sts 14719766286915349320000000000N, :node 2, :process 27, :tb 0} {:val 5, :sts 14719766287378762320000000000N, :node 0, :process 10, :tb 0} {:val 6, :sts 14719766287988746000000000000N, :node 2, :process 12, :tb 0} {:val 7, :sts 14719766288492589830000000000N, :node 3, :process 8, :tb 0} {:val 8, :sts 14719766290198946260000000000N, :node 1, :process 21, :tb 0} {:val 9, :sts 14719766291533233220000000000N, :node 3, :process 18, :tb 0} {:val 10, :sts 14719766291994797100000000000N, :node 3, :process 28, :tb 0} {:val 11, :sts 14719766293022430150000000000N, :node 2, :process 7, :tb 0} {:val 12, :sts 14719766293773838770000000
aphyr / history.txt
Created Aug 17, 2016
Elasticsearch 5.0.0-alpha5 divergence and partial data loss
View history.txt
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