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CKB testnet first run

Testing CKB testnet

Following these install instructions (very well detailed!)

Trying the precompiled binaries

SSL 1.1.x not supported therefore Ubuntu 19.04 cannot run the precompiled binaries: will file an issue.

Can't easily install an obsolete OpenSSL version on Ubuntu 19.04

I'd recommend building the binaries against the new version, unless there's a good reason to stick to an older version of the library (e.g. target platform is Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS)

Checkout from git

Let's try building from master branch (commit 31399e594d5abf9c0664c170a09d7028ebe55973)

Run make prod

Compile time is about 10 minutes on a 8-core Intel 8th gen with 32gb RAM (without RockDB installed, download times excluded).

Run it

Starting the node, everything looks fine.

Starting the miner, got these errors:

$ ckb miner
2019-05-26 13:40:49.213 +02:00 main INFO sentry  sentry is disabled
2019-05-26 13:40:49.221 +02:00 client ERROR miner  rpc call get_block_template error: Fail(Error { code: MethodNotFound, message: "Method not found", data: None })

ok, I forgot to configure the miner

Noticed a small typo: replace block_assember with block_assembler. Miner configuration is really easy, thanks to the documentation.

I start mining, everything seems ok

$ ckb miner
2019-05-26 13:48:01.937 +02:00 main INFO sentry  sentry is disabled
2019-05-26 13:49:38.951 +02:00 main INFO miner  found seal: Seal { nonce: 102..., proof: 0x620... }
2019-05-26 13:49:40.636 +02:00 main INFO miner  found seal: Seal { nonce: 323..., proof: 0xc70... }
2019-05-26 13:49:47.627 +02:00 main INFO miner  found seal: Seal { nonce: 918..., proof: 0xd81... }
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