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A web socket server as a bash script.
# WebSocket shell, start & browse to http://<Host>:6655/
# Requires bash 4.x, openssl.
# Author: (which isn't me, apk)
coproc d { nc -l -p 6656 -q 0; }
nc -l -p 6655 -q 1 > /dev/null <<-ENDOFPAGE
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
<html><head><script language="javascript">
var url = location.hostname + ':' + (parseInt(location.port) + 1);
var ws = new WebSocket('ws://' + url + '/test');
ws.onmessage = function(msg) {
document.f.out.value += + '\n';
document.f.out.scrollTop = document.f.out.scrollHeight;
ws.onclose = function() { alert('Connection closed.'); }
function send() {
ws.send('' +;'';
</script></head><body><form name="f"><textarea name="out" cols="100"rows="40"></textarea>
<input value="" type="text" size="120" id="in" onkeypress="if(event.keyCode==13){send();return false;}" />
until read line; line=`tr -d '\r\n'<<<$line`; test -z "$line"; do
test "${line:0:18}" = "Sec-WebSocket-Key:" && key=${line:19}
test "${line:0:22}" = "Sec-WebSocket-Version:" && ver=$line
done <&${d[0]}
rkey=`echo -n ${key}258EAFA5-E914-47DA-95CA-C5AB0DC85B11|openssl dgst -sha1 -binary|base64`
echo -ne "HTTP/1.1 101 Switching Protocols\r\n" >&${d[1]}
echo -ne "Upgrade: websocket\r\nConnection: Upgrade\r\n" >&${d[1]}
echo -ne "Sec-WebSocket-Accept: $rkey\r\n$ver\r\n\r\n" >&${d[1]}
doasync() {
bash -c "$1" | while read line; do
while [ "${#line}" -gt 0 ]; do
len=`echo -n "$l2" | wc -c | tr -d ' '`
echo -ne "\x81\x`printf '%02x' $len`$l2"
done &
while true; do
reclen=$((`od -j 1 -N 1 -t dI -A n <&${d[0]}` - 128))
for i in `seq 0 3`; do
mk[$i]=`od -N 1 -t dI -A n <&${d[0]}`
for i in `seq 0 $(($reclen - 1))`; do
bt=`od -N 1 -t dI -A n <&${d[0]}`
bt=$(($bt ^ ${mk[$(($i % 4))]}))
msg="$msg$(echo -e "\x`printf '%02x' $bt`")"
test "$msg" = "exit" && break
doasync "$msg" >&${d[1]}
echo >&${d[1]}-
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haisamido commented Aug 17, 2013

The coproc d { nc -l -p 6656 -q 0; } line yields this error with respect to nc

nc: invalid option -- 'q'

I'm using nc version 1.84-22.7. and bash, version 4.1.2(1)-release.

Which version of nc are you using?

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scheuref commented Aug 27, 2013

simply the most amazing bash script that a saw in 12 years !!!

tried it and it worked perfectly! congrats!!

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scheuref commented Aug 27, 2013

I just linked your page from our blog article

who is the author "rootshell" ?

francois scheurer

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manjana commented Jul 3, 2014


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maz-1 commented Sep 25, 2016

Have no luck with archlinux
Error message: line 49: ${d[0]}: ambiguous redirect line 58: ${d[1]}: ambiguous redirect line 47: ${d[0]}: ambiguous redirect

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apk commented Feb 7, 2017

I should mention that a) I don't get notification for comments here, and b) that wasn't my code. A colleague passed to to me; I only have the email address of the (apparent) original author.

And linux and macos are very different in their understanding of nc.

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infracritical commented Aug 6, 2017

Ditto re: error. I am using CentOS v6.

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positively commented Nov 9, 2018

simply the most amazing bash script that a saw in 12 years !!!

+1 !

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andriygnyp commented Mar 27, 2020

Say "thank you for the masterpiece" to the original author

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