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apokalyptik /
Last active Mar 16, 2022
fun, crazy, little bash prompt
function my_custom_prompt {
local HAPPYF=( "('◡')" '(•‿•)' '(˘‿˘)' '(^‿^)' )
local SADF=( '(⊙‸⊙)' '(⊙_☉)' '(o_O)' )
local BLACK="\[\033[0;30m\]"
local LBLACK="\[\033[0;90m\]"
View Use iPhone as a webcam input source on your Mac for web based video

About this document

This will tell you how to use your iPhone as a webcam input source on your Mac (running OSX) for web based video conferencing apps such as WhereBy and VirtualEDH

So... How absurd is this setup? Well here in the opening of 2020 with the pandemic drying up the market for cheap webcams... it's a lot less absurd now than it would have been 3 months ago, and probably a lot more absurd after that whole thing clears up. Right now finding a webcam can be difficult.

Phase 1: Install Software

On your iPhone

Download a full screen camera app. I used FullScreeen which cost me one dollar in app to buy pro as an IAP

View extract-php-func-calls
#!/usr/bin/env php
define( 'DEBUG_RECURSION', false );
if ( $_SERVER['argc'] > 1 ) {
if ( substr( $_SERVER['argv'][1], 0, 1 ) !== "/" ) {
define( 'FUNCTION_MATCH', "/" . preg_quote( $_SERVER['argv'][1] ) . "/" );
} else {
define( 'FUNCTION_MATCH', $_SERVER['argv'][1] );
apokalyptik / 1 - setup the virtual machines
Last active Jan 26, 2017
Installing jobs system from scratch by itself on Debian 8.
View 1 - setup the virtual machines
2x Debian 8
- 2GB Ram
- 20GB disk
- selected: SSH server, and Standard Utilities
eth0 - bridged, configured (change depending on your network)
eth1 - lan, configured to (change to suite your liking)
apokalyptik /
Last active Dec 16, 2021
Set up Kubernetes on 3 Debian Jessie virtual machines -- No magic

The Goal

Set up Kubernetes on 3 Debian Jessie virtual machines: One master. Two nodes. Additionally do this without any "magic" so that what is required to be running to make everything work is plain and obvious.

We will be using flannel for the inter-machine networking layer. Mainly because it is useful and it seems to be pretty popular.

The Setup

apokalyptik / .vimrc
Last active Oct 5, 2017
My .vimrc file
View .vimrc
" Instructions:
" 1. Download this .vimrc file:
" curl > .vimrc
" 2. Install vundle:
" git clone ~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim
" 3. Run vim
" 4. Install Plugins:
" :PluginInstall
" 5. Exit vim
View keep.go
package main
import (
apokalyptik / ts.go
Last active Sep 11, 2015
Stupid simple program to add timestampt to a programs output...
View ts.go
package main
import (
func main() {
View .tmux.conf
# Mouse support - set to on if you want to use the mouse
setw -g mode-mouse on
set -g mouse-select-pane on
set -g mouse-resize-pane on
set -g mouse-select-window on
View remixweather.go
package main
import (