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Quick and dirty powershell script for counting lines in each file of a folder
#Quick and dirty PS script for counting lines of code in a directory. Output is dumped to a simple CSV file.
#Note that this script doesn't count blank lines.
# path - the path containing the code files (note that the script will recurse through subfolders
# outputFile - fully qualified path of the file to dump the CSV output
# include (Optional) - file mask(s) to include in the count (deafults to *.*)
# exclude (Optional) - file mask(s) to exclude in the count (defaults to none)
# Example (count lines in target path including *.cs but excluding *.designer.cs)
# .\countLOC.ps1 -path "C:\code\MyProject" -outputFile "C:\code\loc.csv" -include "*.cs" -exclude "*.designer.cs"
param([string]$path, [string]$outputFile, [string]$include = "*.*", [string]$exclude = "")
Get-ChildItem -re -in $include -ex $exclude $path |
Foreach-Object { Write-Host "Counting $_.FullName"
$fileStats = Get-Content $_.FullName | Measure-Object -line
$linesInFile = $fileStats.Lines
"$_,$linesInFile" } | Out-File $outputFile -encoding "UTF8"
Write-Host "Complete"
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donzacharias commented Oct 8, 2013

Thanks, this was just the thing I needed today! Worked great to count lines of logfiles. Gotta love PS...

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petwolfe commented Dec 21, 2015

Is there anyway to do this for data files which are zipped? (Unzip, count lines and zip it back)

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grepit commented Aug 18, 2016

You can also use this one liner (feel free to add -Recurse to include sub dirs or use -ex to exlcued a pattern). Note: this will give you total not by each file.
(Get-ChildItem -File | Get-Content | Measure-Object -line).Lines

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muhammedshihabvk commented Jul 19, 2020

Number of lines
Get-Content -path .\hostList.txt | Measure-Object -Line | select-object -ExpandProperty lines

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