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import React from 'react';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';
import {FlexCol} from 'pivotal-ui/react/flex-grids';
import {FormUnit} from 'pivotal-ui/react/forms';
import classnames from 'classnames';
export class FormCol extends React.Component {
static propTypes = {
state: PropTypes.object,
canSubmit: PropTypes.func,
onSubmit: PropTypes.func,
canReset: PropTypes.func,
reset: PropTypes.func,
hidden: PropTypes.bool,
fixed: PropTypes.bool,
colProps: PropTypes.object,
setValues: PropTypes.func
static defaultProps = {state: {}, colProps: {}};
render() {
const {state, canSubmit, onSubmit, canReset, reset, fixed, children, hidden, className, id, setValues, colProps} = this.props;
let child = typeof children === 'function'
? children({canSubmit, canReset, setValues, reset, onSubmit, submitting: state.submitting, state})
: children;
if (! {
// eslint-disable-next-line no-unused-vars
const {className: _,} = colProps;
child = (
<FormUnit {...{
// retainLabelHeight,
hasError: state.errors && !!state.errors[],
// labelFor: htmlFor,
children: child
// help: (state.errors && state.errors[name]) || help
return (
<FlexCol {...{className: classnames(className, 'form-col', {'col-fixed': fixed}), id, hidden}}>
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