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Created Dec 18, 2020
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Using AceBase instead of Dexie.js to store sticky notes in the browser's IndexedDB. See Andy Haskell's IndexedDB tutorial Part 4 at
let { AceBase } = require('acebase');
// Database contains all IndexedDB database logic for our web app.
class Database {
// The constructor opens/creates the database titled 'my_db_(namespace)'
constructor(namespace) {
// Use AceBase.WithIndexedDB to create an AceBase instance
// that uses IndexedDB to store its data
let name = Database.dbName(namespace);
let db = AceBase.WithIndexedDB(name, { logLevel: 'log' });
// Keep a reference to the notes node
this.notes = db.ref('notes');
// addStickyNote adds a sticky note with the text passed in to the "notes"
// object store. Returns a promise that resolves when the sticky note is
// successfully added.
addStickyNote(message) {
return this.notes.push({
text: message,
timestamp: new Date(),
// getNotes retrieves all sticky notes from the "notes" object store. Returns
// a promise that resolves when we successfully retrieve the sticky notes,
// giving us the notes in an array.
getNotes(reverseOrder) {
return this.notes
.sort('timestamp', !reverseOrder)
.then(snaps => snaps.getValues());
// dbName sets up the name of the database using an optional namespace
// parameter for test coverage.
static dbName(namespace) {
return namespace != undefined ?
`my_db_${namespace}` :
module.exports = Database;
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