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Apropos Clojure - March 24, 2021

Show Notes


New destructuring

Reagent code looks the same after 8 years

How much can a Clojure developer do alone?


  • Use the REPL
  • Get a teacher
  • Clojure was design for small teams
  • Composable, readability, abstraction

Strange Loop conference

Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2021

Grokking Simplicity has a cover!

Grokking Simplicity cover front and back

Learn ClojureScript by Andrew Meredith

Learn ClojureScript cover


String difference

You are given two strings, a and b. We consider each letter to be unique, meaning duplicates are significant. Write a function that returns the count of letters in b which do not occur in a.


(strdiff "abc" "") ;=> {} ;; no characters in b don't occur in a
(strdiff "abc" "abc") ;=> {} ;; ditto
(strdiff "" "abc") ;=> {\a 1 \b 1 \c 1}
(strdiff "axx" "abcc") ;=> {\b 1 \c 2}
(strdiff "xxxx" "xxxxxx") ;=> {\a 2} ;; two x's in b that don't occur in a

Thanks to this site for the challenge idea where it is considered Hard in Python. The problem has been modified from the original.

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