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Last active March 17, 2021 20:00
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Apropos March 10, 2021

Show Notes


Follow-up on tagged literals from last episode

Tagged Literal type (added Clojure 1.8, 2018):

(set! *default-data-reader-fn* tagged-literal)


Update on Grokking Simplicity (Eric's book)

Dynamically implementing protocols

REPL Time!!

Pattern matching

When describing rhyming patterns, poets use letters to define patterns, like this:

Roses are red A
Violets are blue B
Sugar is sweet C
and so are you B

This poem has an ABCB rhyming structure because the B lines rhyme and A and C do not.

We'll use this same naming scheme but use equality instead of rhyming. Write a function that takes a sequence of values and a pattern string. It returns a a map of letters to values if the pattern matches, and nil if it does not.


(pattern [1 2 1 2] "ABAB") ;=> {\A 1 \B 2}
(pattern [1 2 3 2] "ABCB") ;=> {\A 1 \B 2 \C 3}
(pattern [1 2 3 4] "ABAB") ;=> nil
(pattern [1 1 1 1] "A") ;=> nil (wrong number of elements)
(pattern [1 1 1 1] "ABCD") ;=> {\A 1 \B 1 \C 1 \D 1}
(pattern [1 4 2 1] "ADCA") ;=> {\A 1 \D 4 \C 2}

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uwo commented Mar 17, 2021

Love the show. Two concerns:

  1. Spec is ultimately aimed at fine-grained dependencies. It frustrates me when whole conversations go on without that being said.
  2. Rich has said mea culpa. It's the point of his talk "Maybe Not".

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